Balitang Masbate!

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Wednesday, 24 November 2010



Masbate in my mind

Heart of the Philippine isles

For the love of our land and soil

Bloom the flower’s of our charm and toil

Protect the wildlife, the seas and trees

Springs of hope, flowing rivers that inspire

For our children, for tomorrow

Leading to a beautiful dawn




Masbate by the bay

City of hearts and work and prayer

Loving deeply, living simply

One for peace and harmony

So proud, stands the winner by our

Sweat bless o’ redeemer

Masbate City, ‘tis our duty all the

Way to give you glory




Masbate to the fore!

Harbor of talents galore

Keepin’ apace with tech and time

For a healthy life and rhyme

Sun is high, let our dreams come true!

In unity, we achieve with all our might

Smiling people, nature lovers

Marching, unflinching and strong!


Repeat Chorus


Masbate City our pride, our joy

Seat of devotion, poetry in motion

Beat with the City of Hearts!


Last Updated ( Thursday, 05 September 2013 )

Program and Project

There are considerable milestones the City Government have been reaping and continue to implement programs and projects to improve the quality of life of Masbateňos and make the City more livable. Aside from the annual program and project the City Government is implementing, it formulates innovative programs and improves its services for the betterment of the City as a whole and the satisfaction of the constituents. 

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